Make Calm A Superpower
Inner Peace Time

Would you like to help children and families facing a health crises or difficult time? Or, help our youth feel less depressed and anxious? The Inner Peace Time app has been created to comfort parents and children or those who work with children and teens. Inner Peace Time features mindfulness and guided imagery to help families thrive. Become an Inner Peace Ambassador today!

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Why Inner Peace Time?

Help children “Make Calm A Superpower!” The app has been especially created for children’s hospitals and professionals who serve children. You will be helping children and parents discover their “Inner Healer.” Click on our welcome video! See our sample programs below. Then, make sure to click the red button for a FREE DEMO. All we need is your email and contact information.

Health Care Providers and Therapists Providing Comfort for Children, Teens and Parents
Use your imagination to breathe for calm, feel happier, and find dreamy comfort.
Discover healing journeys just for teens to unleash a loving coach or to boost self esteem, and more.
To spread more love and healing, we have another side of the app geared especially for parents and adults.
Healthcare Teams & Therapists
Both sides of the app may be used by those who work with children and families for stress relief and soothing comfort.
Mission of Inner Peace Time

Our mission is to spread love and comfort to children, teens, and parents facing a difficult time. Through healing journeys, we help families let go of stress and pain to lead richer lives. Healthcare teams and therapists, who work with children and families, will enjoy benefits from using and recommending our app. Research is beginning on a version of this app that involves a leading pediatric hospital and major university. Inner Peace Time has been created by Mindfulness Consultant Vicki Atlas Israel and her team. Israel is the author of Amazon bestseller “Inner Power NOW,” and is certified in Guided Imagery, Mindfulness and Stress Management.

“I would highly recommend this app to others. It was like hitting a reset button to feel more relaxed and centered.” Jasmine, Parent of Special Needs Child

” I would recommend this app to a parent because it’s for them. They don’t have to go searching through hundreds of meditations to find the right one. ” – Casey Limmer, MSW, LCSW, Founder and Owner Gateway Wellness Associates

“My son was ready for another meltdown over homework. We played your guided meditation and he calmed down immediately and became more focused.” -Tina, Parent of Child with ADHD

* Lucy Llama Illustrations by Artist Catharine Magel