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Inner Peace Time

A NEW Soothing App for the whole family! Be the first to know when our app officially launches. Become an Inner Peace Ambassador! Join our tribe and treat yourself to a few magical journeys, before the app launches. Enjoy this FREE gift from Inner Peace Time!

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What Is Inner Peace Time?

Our mission is to reduce stress and pain to help families thrive. Inner Peace Time will help you and your family recover from the pandemic and grow stronger together. We also provide useful tools for those who work with children and families.

We are looking for partners who can help spread more peace and wellbeing. Through deep breathing and discovering our inner power, children and families are taken on healing, soothing journeys. Click on the video to learn more and grab your free gift.

Children Teens Parents Healthcare
Use your imagination to breathe for calm, feel happier, and find dreamy comfort.
Discover healing journeys just for teens to unleash a loving coach or to boost self esteem, and more.
To spread more love and healing, we have another side of the app geared especially for parents and adults.
Healthcare Teams & Therapists
Both sides of the app may be used by those who work with children and families for stress relief and soothing comfort.
Why Inner Peace Time?

Our mission is to spread love and healing to children, teens, and parents facing a difficult time. Through healing journeys, we help families let go of stress and pain to lead richer lives. Healthcare teams and therapists, who work with children and families, will benefit, too.

Research is beginning on a version of this app that involves a leading pediatric hospital and major university. Inner Peace Time has been created by Meditation and Mindset Coach Vicki Atlas Israel and her team. She’s the author of Amazon bestseller Inner Power NOW, and is certified in Guided Imagery, and as a Miracles Life Coach.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Vicki Atlas Israel work with helping parents of sick children at a local hospital cope with the stress they were experiencing, related to their child’s illness & hospitalization.  She always met families with a warm smile and showed them much respect… My adult daughter also went to Vicki for help with anxiety and panic attacks and learned many helpful techniques that she utilizes on a daily basis to minimize her stress.  — Pediatric Hospital Care Coordinator Kathy Keenoy, RN

* Lucy Llama Illustrations by Artist Catharine Magel